The Joseph R. Lynch Observatory at Drexel University

6th grade labs and exercises

Brain warmup and things to remember

Teachers, please look over the warmup document (or the solar observing warmup if you are coming during the day) and share the information with your kids. I have referenced a few figures and exercises from the Holt Astronomy textbook, which you can look at before you come.

Directions to the dome (including to Drexel's Main campus itself) are available on the directions page. I will meet you in the lobby of Drexel's Main Building. The lobby is quite large, and has plenty of room for the visiting group to congregate. Keep in mind the reminder about weather conditions: it can be very windy on the deck, and quite chilly in the dome, so bundle up if it the temperature is low.

The Joseph R. Lynch Observatory has been made possible by the Generosity of Joseph R. Lynch '58 and the GE Foundation.

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