The Joseph R. Lynch Observatory at Drexel University

Directions to the observatory

If you are not on campus, follow these instructions and go to the Main Building (number 1 on the University City Campus Map).

Once in the Main Building, go up the stairs on the right to the third floor, and go past the exhibits on the south side of the building, heading into Randell hall. Watch for the sign to the Observatory at the end of the hall, and follow it around the corner, through the double doors and into Curtis. Watch for signs pointing the way! Pass the two study areas on your left, through the second set of double doors, then take the stairway all the way up to the top.

On the night of an open house, the door at the top of the stairs should be propped open. Go through those doors and straight across the roof to the observatory!

Weather conditions and safety

Keep in mind that the observatory is on the top of the roof, and thus completely exposed to the wind. It can get quite cold at night between October and April, so bring a jacket or thick, windproof fleece, hat and gloves. You'll be glad you did! The dome itself is not heated (a heat difference between the telescope and night sky will mess up the optics), though it does provide some protection from the wind.

There is an enclosed wooden deck, to prevent access to the roof. There should be no danger, but if you are bringing small children, please look after them.

The Joseph R. Lynch Observatory has been made possible by the Generosity of Joseph R. Lynch '58 and the GE Foundation.