Statistics of Multimodal Patterns in Biophysical Models of Neurons (2010)

This poster details the work of research that may possibly end up in a journal article. More information will be released soon.

Eigen-curves of Strange Attractors (2009)

A poster detailing recent work on Eigen-curves of Strange Attractors is here.

Decoherence (2007)

A poster outlining my oral qualifier report on Quantum Decoherence can be found in (eps) and (jpg) format.

Hund's Rules in Binary (2007)

A very small poster presenting a simpler way of doing Hund's rules in (ps) and (jpg) format.

Hydrogen Wave Function (2007)

A very small poster presenting the non-relativisting hydrogen quantum wave function in full can be found in (ps) and (jpg) format.

Electron Shell Periodic Table (2006)

A re-rendering of the periodic table via periodic shell filling order can be found in (ps) and (jpg) format.

Animating chaos (2005)

Poster outlining programs and presenation for animating nonlinear dynamics can be downloaded here and a smaller version here.

Mass Function of Void Galaxies (2004)

A poster that outlines the paper I was second author on with Drs. Goldberg et al. under the advisement of Dr. Goldberg can be downloaded here; a smaller version is here.



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