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Nonlinear Dynamics Simulations

Source code for these animations is provided in the spirit of the Free Software Movement. For the simulations in which the code is not linked, please see the software page for possible links.

This work is supported in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant PHY-0754081.

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3D/5D of Zeghlache-Mandel attractor with Bach

Newton-Leopnik attractor with Bach

Rossler attractor with Bach

Thomas attractor with Bach

Lorenz attractor with Bach

Lorenz 84 attractor with Bach

Willamowski-Rössler reaction-diffusion equations

The driven Duffing attractor and its vector field

The driven Van der Pol attractor and its vector field.

Formation of the Rössler attractor from random initial condtions

Sensitivity to Initial Conditions (Butterfly Effect) Demonstrated on a Lorenz Attractor

The Evolution of a Poincaré map around a Rössler attractor

Reduced model for ECIIsc (neuroscience)

Li Attractor-Image

Einstein Cross Figure
& Arthur Congdon

Thomas System attractor (fly view)

Thomas System attractor (rotate view)

Lorenz 84 attractor

Sprott D attractor

Newton-Leipnik Trajectory

Lorenz Eye-Curve Trajectory Fly Through

Lorenz Eye-Curve Trajectory

Rossler Eye-Curve Trajectory

Two-Parameter Families of Strange Attractors

Slice through a van der pol embbeded in a Torus

Slice through a Torus

Slice through a Rossler

Ride the Lorentz RollerCoaster

Fly through a Torus 3-cover

A Rossler Lorenz fusion.

Ride the Rossler RollerCoaster

Introducing POVRAY animations, Rossler fly through.

Further simulations can be found at the Drexel NLD group site under the "media" page.



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