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Master Equation (2006)

A detailed derivation of the quantum optics master equation collected from many sources and including steps not often found elsewhere is found here..

Mathieu's Equations (2006)

A detailed look at these important equations is found here.

Successive (simultaneous) Overrelaxation (2006)

A useful presentation on this numerical method is found here.

Quantization of the Harmonic Oscillator (2006)

Though found in many text books, we present a derivation with more detail than typical here.

Quantum Mechanics of Hydrogen (2006)

Shown in more detail than typical, the basic equations for the hydorgen atom are derived here.

Aufbau Principal and Selection Rules (2006)

An incomplete look at Rydberg atoms (to be finished in time) is here.

Electronic Shell Periodic Table (2006)

Lorenz Guage and Quantization of the E&M Field (2006)

A typical look at these topics is found here.

The Pfaffian and the Wedge Product (Feb, 2007)

Via proofs from Thomas Muir and S. Parameswaran, we remind the reader of the relationship between the Pfaffian and Determinant for for a zero-axis skew symmetric matrix. This is done in the context of a wedge product example and can be found here.

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