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Science History Institute
315 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA, 19106
Date & Time
Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019
6:00 - 8:00pm
30 STEM Presenters
200 Public Attendees

Start Talking Science is an unprecedented opportunity for you to meet local scientists and discuss their ground-breaking research. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, commonly known as STEM fields, are the primary focus of the event.

Attendees will have the exciting opportunity to discuss cutting-edge research with the academics and professionals actually doing that research! For free! Interested in dark matter? Talk about it with a particle physicist. Intrigued by circadian rhythms and sleep patterns? Discuss it with a neuroscientist! Wondering about generating energy through fusion, engineering viruses to heal spinal cord injuries, or how to get students interested in engineering? All of these are topics which have been discussed at Start Talking Science in the past. Start Talking Science is an amazing opportunity to have these one-on-one conversations: the possibilities are endless.

[ Register to present at STS by filling out this form! ]

Start Talking Science is looking for academics and professionals to present their research in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, primarily in the form of poster presentations. Some example posters can be found below (click to enlarge).

Example Poster 1 Example Poster 2 Example Poster 3

Presenters will have the opportunity to speak with professionals and armchair scientists alike, including those whose primary interests may lie in fields outside their own. Discussing their research with differently-minded researchers and science-literate nonprofessionals may shine a unique light on their work, stimulating fresh and novel approaches to long-standing hurdles or recent challenges.

Finally, Start Talking Science aims to improve the communications skills of local scientists. Each presentation undergoes a thorough critique by our Board of Reviewers, which includes educators and professionals in the fields of Biology, Communications, Education, History, Mathematics, and Physics. Presenters are given guidance and advice on how to structure their talks for a general audience — an audience which may be unfamiliar with technical jargon and overly-complicated descriptions of research processes.

If you or someone you know is interested in presenting their research (there's no registration fee!) at Start Talking Science, please fill out the form at StartTalkingScience.com/submit.

Timeline & Instructions for Presenters:

May -- Poster Summary Submission.

Please submit a summary of your research that you would like to present.

  • Write for the general public and use non-technical language.
  • Include title, author list, and affiliations.
  • Summaries should be limited to 300 words and should consist of one paragraph.

Fill out the form at StartTalkingScience.com/submit with the above information to register as a presenter.

June -- Notification of Acceptance or Rejection of Submissions.

If your research is accepted, your name, affiliation, and poster summary may be used in promotions on social media, in advertisements, and on this website. By submitting your summary, you accept these conditions. (If you wish to opt out of granting STS these permissions, please include this in your summary submission email.)

July -- Draft Poster Submission Deadline.

You will submit your first draft of your poster for review. Send to review@StartTalkingScience.com in PDF format.

  • Write for the general public and use non-technical language.
  • Include title, author list, and affiliations.
  • Posters must be 36" x 42" and in PDF format.

August -- Communication Workshops

These are sponsored by -- and will be held at -- the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). These are optional (though strongly encouraged) workshops where our reviewers (both STEM and communication experts) will work with you and the other presenters in small groups to modify your posters for the general public as well as help determine how to communicate your research. This will be a great opportunity to network and improve your communication skills.

Communication Workshop guidelines [ *.pdf ]

early September -- Final Posters Due

late September -- Poster Presentations at Start Talking Science

Sponsors of Start Talking Science have the unique opportunity to advertise themselves to an uncommonly wide audience which includes local researchers, professionals, and academics — as well as members of the general public.

A monetary donation of $500 or more will entitle you to your company logo on all official STS promotional materials and the STS website.

A monetary donation of $1000 or more will entitle you to all of the above, plus a promotional table at STS, where you can discuss your business / organization with presenters and attendees, scout for recruits, and network with potential partners.

A monetary donation of $2000 or more will entitle you to all of the above, plus "official partner status". Official partners will be featured on the website and all promotional materials as "Start Talking Science, presented by ________".

Other benefits to your sponsorship include:

Scout for talented future employees
Advertise to the STEM population and general public in the greater Philadelphia area
Network with future collaborators and partners
Learn about research in the Philadelphia area
Support and improve STEM literacy
Access the attendee surveys and resume drop

Akin to taking an informal survey, sponsoring organizations will have an opportunity to "test the waters" of the local community, gathering information about what the ordinary citizens, other businesses, or community organizations are interested in or working on.

Sponsors can use Start Talking Science to recruit qualified new talent or improve the communications skills of their existing professionals, all while increasing their visibility among the general population.

If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring Start Talking Science, please email us at finance@StartTalkingScience.com

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