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I was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Huddersfield is not as bad as most people imagine it to be. Look at this page for some pictures and links to Huddersfield. After a few days in Huddersfield I was allowed to go home to Shepley, a much nicer but smaller place, close to the Peak District National park but more famous for being close to Holmfirth - Last of the Summer Wine Country (awful programme but great scenery). Look at this page and some of the pictures below if you don't believe me.

I could ramble on about the joys of Shepley, times spent in the tree house with Claire and Ursula, sixth form parties with the old gang (many of whom I'm still in touch with) and good times with the rather large family I have around Holmfirth.

Shepley was home till 1993 (well it is always going to be home) when I moved to Cambridge to do my undergrad degree in maths (hard) and astrophysics (great). Good times were spent with the girls - Mary, Nikki and Becky and Christ's lads - Comp and Jethro plus the Part II astronomers. Here's a recent photo taken at Mary's house Christmas 2001.

Then I got sick of studying so disappeared to Australia for 6 months to work with ATCV and other volunteer organisations which was really cool. I'll scan some of these photos in here - some are quite interesting!

After a year off my brain felt it could cope with more astrophysics so I did a PhD at the University of Durham. That was great fun, Durham is a lovely place and the people there were on the whole excellent (in many ways). Three years really did fly by. Some of the photos are of Durham people.

The PhD didn't put me off academia so I moved to Philadelphia, USA to do a post doc in more astrophysics stuff. I've recently found out I can stay here for up to 6 more years so I may be here for a while. Good job I like it. That might have something to do with the new love of my life - dancing! Well a certain Ecuadorian now gets to take some of the credit.

And I have just accepted a faculty position at a university just outside Philadelphia, Widener University, so I'll be in the area for quite a while it seems.

Photos taken since coming to Philly in Sept 2000

Photos of our honeymoon to India

Photos of our wedding!

Photos of our house!

Photos from Ursula's wedding

Photos from Berlin and Prague

Photos from 2004 - Titi's birthday, Marina's batcholorette party and wedding, Carlos and Jaime's wedding.Vince and Danielle's wedding and LA

Photos from Spain

Photos from Alex's wedding plus Howarth and Paris

Random photos from 2003 - Pedro's Birthday, Mum and Dad in New England, Alex and Liz, Dinners, Ithaca, NY Eve.

Photos from my trip to Ecuador

Photos from Francisco's trip to England

Photos of Niagara Falls, Ithaca, Francisco's family and Randall's Surprise Party, Francisco's suprise party and snow!

Walking at French Creek State Park, May 2002

Trip to Washington, May 2002

Strange Collection of Photos, Balls, Office, AC, Gothic Night, Dinner Parties etc March - May 2002

Shepley Photos (pinched from Randall)

Various USA Holiday Snaps Sep 2000 - June 2001

The Vino Duo, Trio, Quatro

Kelli's Housewarming and Mathias' Leaving Party

Mathias' Birthday with Drexel Friends

Photos from the Durham Era

Durham Pub Piccies

Durham Christmas Curry 1999!

Jane and Russells' Wedding

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I also like to cook

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But the new thing in my life is dancing!

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