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Our 2016 Sponsors

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Penn Medicine

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Drexel University Department of Physics

Demystifying Stem Cells: The What, Where and Why

Abigail Behrends, University of Pennsylvania

Spear and Shield: Bio-inspiration at Nanoscale from Battles in Amazon

Prashant Chandrasekaran, Drexel University

A College Partnership Model for Expanding the Perception of Engineering Among School Aged Youth

Alistar Erickson-Ludwig, Drexel University

Rethinking RNA: How Non-Coding RNA Can Guide Heart Development

Arune Gulati, University of Pennsylvania / Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Drug Repositioning: Finding New Possibilities for Old Drugs

Sarah L. Huszar Agrapides, Melior Discovery

Versatile Protein Assembly Provides a New Approach to Drug Discovery

Eileen K. Jaffe, Fox Chase Cancer Center, TUHS

Engineering viruses to stimulate regeneration in the damaged spinal cord

Shen Lin, Temple University School of Medicine

p53: Guardian of the Genome and Master Regulator of Cell Fate

Jessica Monteith, Thomas Jefferson University

New Tricks for an Old Dog: Machine Learning and the Quest for Fusion

Matthew Parsons, Drexel University / Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Chew on this: Your daytime sleepiness depends on your diet, not your weight

Isaac Perron, University of Pennsylvania

Using dogs to detect ovarian cancer in blood samples

Erin Platz, University of Pennsylvania

Endoskeletal droplet generation in microfluidic devices

Tam?s Prileszky, University of Delaware

Google Your Way to Better Diagnostics

Du?an Ramljak, Temple University

Prokaryotic nucleotide composition is shaped by both phylogeny and the environment

Erin Reichenberger, Drexel University

Brain mechanisms of the newest FDA-approved anti-obesity drug, Saxenda? (liraglutide)

David Reiner, University of Pennsylvania

The Goldilocks principle of immune receptor populations: finding the balance between diversity and function in the immune system

Gregory Schwartz, Drexel University

How Do Drugs Get into the Cells?

Mohammad Sharifian Gh., Temple University

Can we measure how a victim responds to chest compressions during CPR?

Kelsey Sheak, University of Pennsylvania

Mathematics of Negative Refractive Index Materials

Eric Stachura, Temple University

Photodynamic Therapy: Using Light and Dye to Eliminate Bacteria

Rick Titlebaum, Albert Einstein Medical Center

From head to tail: How the zebrafish embryo establishes the body plan

Francesca Tuazon, University of Pennsylvania

Full STEAM Ahead: Introducing Portals to the Poet Wallace Stevens as a Necessary Part of Science Education

David J. Waters, Purdue University / PA Society for Biomedical Research

Neutrino Analysis of Cosmic Ray Hot Spots

Lise Wills, Drexel University