Dr. Robert Gilmore

Then and Now. Bob when he was a graduate student, and Bob now.
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So you don't believe in Dark Matter .... Or Dark Energy ....


B.S. Physics MIT 1962
B.S. Mathematics MIT 1962
Ph. D. Physics MIT 1967

Contact Info

Physics Department, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA    19104   USA
Phone: (215) 895-2779;  FAX: (215) 895-5934
e-mails: robert.gilmore [at] drexel [dot] edu; bob [at] newton [dot] physics [dot] drexel [dot] edu; bob [at] bach [dot] physics [dot] drexel [dot] edu

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Current Book: The Symmetry of Chaos

New Book: Geometry and Lie Groups

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Research Interests

Everything under the sun, and quite a few things beyond.
Especially the structure of and signatures of chaos, and how to extract these signatures from experimental data.

Bob's Interaction with Computers:



Partners during this evolutionary process have been great friends and colleagues.  They include Hernan G. Solari,
Gabriel B. Mindlin,  Mario Natiello,  Nicholas B. TufillaroTsvetelin D. TsankovChristophe Letellier , and Marc Lefranc .