R. Gilmore,  Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Some of Their Applications

NY: Wiley, 1974                                     Boca Raton, FL: Krieger, 1994           NY: Dover, 2006
ISBN 0-471-30179-5                              ISBN 0-89464-759-8                          ISBN 0-486-44528-1

R. Gilmore,  Catastrophe Theory for Scientists and Engineers

       NY: Wiley, 1981                                                Moscow: MIR, 1984                                              NY: Dover, 1993
       ISBN 0-471-05064-4                                                                                                                       ISBN 0-486-67539-4

R. Gilmore and M. Lefranc,  The Topology of Chaos, Alice in Stretch and Squeezeland

         NY: Wiley, 2002                            NY: Wiley, 2009 (Second Edition)
         ISBN 0-471-40816-6                            ISBN 0-471-

R. Gilmore,   Elementary Quantum Mechanics in One Dimension

         Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004
         ISBN 0-8018-8014-7 (hardcover)
         ISBN 0-8018-8015-7 (paperback)

R. Gilmore and C. Letellier,   The Symmetry of Chaos

         NY: Oxford University Press, 2007
         ISBN13: 978-0-1953 1065 8
         ISBN10:      0-1953 1065 8

R. Gilmore,   Lie Groups, Physics, and Geometry

(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, estimate December 2007)

Pirated copies of some of these books exist in Chinese and Turkish.

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