Recent changes to this wiki:

Adjust pinentry paths in to
Now it matches the name of my pinentry script.
Add dummy --display argument to so it doesn't crash when called from X.
Strip trailing whitespace from SciPy and ATLAS post.
Update links to related dotfile managers.
Link to Steve Kemp and Sean Hammond's related dotfiles managers.
Update dotfiles post now that I've split out the framework from the dotfiles.
Also catch RuntimeError when importing matplotlib in
When it can't initialize the backend, the matplotlib crashes with a
runtime error. For example, I've used `~/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc` to
select the GTKAgg backend as my default. When I log in without X,
running the previous version of would produce:
$ --help
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ GtkWarning: could not open display
warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matplotlib/backends/ GtkWarning: IA__gdk_cursor_new_for_display: assertion `GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)' failed
cursors.MOVE : gdk.Cursor(gdk.FLEUR),
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/wking/bin/", line 39, in <module>
from matplotlib import pyplot as _pyplot
RuntimeError: could not create GdkCursor object
Add --plot option to, for displaying strip-charts.
Fix default-repo help formatting in
Rewrite git-publish as a Python script, and add it to the blog's version control.
Add `--ignore REGEXP` option to
I store my music as FLAC files, but some of it originally came from
other file formats (e.g. purchased mp3s). These non-FLAC originials
get stored in '.orig' subdirectories. Now I can run:
$ --ignore '.*/[.]orig/.*' ...
to avoid converting these originals.
Add more dropped id3v2 tags and short-key translation to
The occurence of three-charachter short tag keys may be due to the
version 0.1.11 -> 0.1.12 transition in the id3v2 utility. In any
case, the new translation dictionary makes it easy to map new keys
onto already existing synonyms.
Also, we no longer attempt to parse the 'no id3v1 tag' message as if
it were another tag.
Add checks for required utilities to
Add version and log-level command line options to and log to syslog.
Add and mention it in gpg-agent post.
Add mailcap post.
Mention RPCSEC_GSS_KRB5 in Kerberos post.
Add script, and mention it in the Kerberos post.
I've removed abcmidi from my Gentoo overlay.
The package is now part of the standard Portage tree.
Adjust to find the first battery matching /sys/class/power_supply/BAT[0-9].
Fix krb.conf -> krb5.conf typo in Kerberos post.
Add adjustable logging verbosity to
Comment on shelldap's edit command in the LDAP post.
Add Postfix post.
Add SMTP post.
Add Gentoo-emerge instructions to the Xephyr post.
Add slow_bend post.
Update to version 0.4.
Update to version 0.3.
Add version 0.2.
Add 'wav' source and drop 'tflt' id3 tags in
Remove lifelines from my Gentoo overlay.
Add .bashrc blurb for picking up agent info to SSH post.
Add missing `set` to eselect atlas line in SciPy and ATLAS post.
Thanks to Nicolas Bigaouette for pointing this out.
Remove mutt from my Gentoo overlay.
The verbose-mime patch was added to the standard Portage ebuild
starting with mutt-1.5.21-r4 (closing Gentoo bug 348477 [1]). The
matching upstream enhancement has not seen any recent activity [2].
Mention my Gentoo packaging in the HDFView post.
Add assorted dev-java packages to Gentoo overlay post.
Add dev-java/fits to my Gentoo overlay.
Add script to PDF merging post.
Add PDF bookmarks with Ghostscript post.
Add audio CD burning post.
Add FLAC ReplayGain decoding discussion to replay gain post.
Add audio burning and ripping hints to cdrtools post.
Update Python post now that the Drexel liki is gone.
Fix BamI sticky end in PstI+BamHI step of I27-synthesis post.
Also fix Qiagen linker site link.
Link in the text from Xmodmap to Compose_key.
Add cookbook post.
Adjust ffmpeg signature in video post to track changing preset syntax.
Add `--tags` to `git name-rev` example.
Fix explanation of netcat server's host and port arguments.
Standardize example hostname in simple-server post.
Cleanup English in ` --help` reference.
Add --help example to abcplay post.
A few more markdown cleanups to I27-synthesis post.
Markdown cleanups to I27-synthesis post.
Add I27-synthesis post.
Add timebook package to Gentoo overlay list.
Add h5config reference to Gentoo overlay post.
Add h5config post.
Add pypid post and catch Gentoo overlay index up with recent additions.
Add SciPy and ATLAS post.
Add ultimo, instant, and proximo post.
Add PyPI link from insider page.
Add insider post.
Add <code> styling to local.css.
Add tektronix/xterm/gnuplot post.
Adjust to print the name of failing external commands.
This provides a useful hint if someone forgot to install one of the
Minor typo cleanups in the Kerberos post.
Add Compose key post.
Use generic filenames in the Gramps-diff example.
Add Gramps-sorting example to XSLT post.
Add gpg-agent link in gpg-agent post.
Add gpg-agent post and scripts.
Add Ubuntu section to LDAP post.
Fix address book formatting in humanizing OS X post.
Add Apple Address Book + LDAP information.
Add GnuTLS and secure LDAP information.
Remove duplicate $ in simple servers post.
Tabs to spaces in LDAP post.
Comedi's been using Git for version control since February.
Add LDAP post.
Fix overlay link in Prefix post.
Add OS-X-related posts.
Add mutt ebuild note to Gentoo overlay post.
Explain NFS access after kdestroy.
Also add -vvv to OPTS_RPC_IDMAPD in Kerberos post.
Add GSSAPI and host/... notes for Kerberos + SSH.
Cleanup Kerberos+SSH link phrasing.
Add link to Kerberos+SSH to Kerberos page.
Fix links in Kerberos post.
Add Kerberos post.
Add known_hosts post and related scripts.
Add msva-perl and xul-ext links to Monkeysphere post.
Add openpgp2pem section to Monkeysphere post.
Add PDF post.
Fix wikilink from Monkeysphere to Gentoo overlay post.