Solar Neutrino Puzzle - The First Hint of Neutrino Oscillation

First step of solor fusion of hydrogen.

  • The sun is powered by nuclear fusion processes and a large number of electron neutrinos is produced in the process.
  • The number of electron neutrinos produced in the sun should be proportional to the energy output of the sun.
  • In the 1968, Ray Davis, John Bahcal and colleagues built a giant detector in the Homestake mine in South Dakota with 100,000 gallons volume target to detect neutrinos from the sun. The goal was to verify our understanding of the processes that power the sun using neutrinos
  • To their great surprise, experimental data showed that only about a third of the expected number of electron neutrinos was being detected.

This became known as a Solar Neutrino Puzzle. And no one knew the solution to the puzzle.