Looking Ahead

It was postulated that in all physical systems, the laws of physics would remain the same if
you change all matter in a system into antimatter (C-symmetry) and invert the spatial dimensions (P-symmetry).

However, we live in a matter dominated universe? How is that possible?

Demonstration of a possible difference between neutrino and antineutrino
oscillations if CP violation exists in the lepton sector. With no CP violation,
the oscillation for matter and antimatter would be the same. This graph is
purely theoretical.

  • Violation of this principle of symmetry between matter and anti-matter (CP symmetry violation) is very rare, but it has been confirmed.
  • Nature seems to subtlety favor matter.
  • Our universe is filled with matter, but not antimatter, and the so called CP violation may be the explanation.
  • Once θ13 is accurately measured, it will become the predecessor for experiments looking into CP violation in leptons and seeking the reason for matter dominated universe with neutrinos.
  • It has been over 75 years since the neutrino was first theorized, yet it continues to be one of the most abstruse constituents of modern physics.
  • Measuring the unknowns in neutrino physics will once again test the accuracy of the standard model and further suggest to us the inner-workings of the universe.