General information about MPI:

MPI in Wikipedia

Tutorial on MPI

Books on MPI:

The "bible" for the serious MPI user: 
Using MPI - 2nd Edition by
William Gropp, Ewing Lusk, and Anthony Skjellum

An on-line MPI reference book (also in print) 
by Dongarra et Al from ORNL

Parallel Programming with MPI 
by Peter Pacheco

Information specific to MPI:

MPI source of information at Argone National laboratory

MPICH2 source of information at Argone National laboratory

The MPI standard

Web pages on MPI and MPE:

MPI and MPE functions descriptions from the MPICH2 distriibution (Sept 2007)

References on GPU computing and the CUDA language

References on Intel Xeon Phi computing

Good book to have:

Computational Physics
Steven E Koonin and Dawn C. Meredith
Adison Wesley

Book Reference

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