Michel Vallières

Department Head; Professor

B.Sc. (Physics),1967, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada; Ph.D. (Physics), 1972, University of Pennsylvania

Phone: (215) 895-2714, Fax: (215) 895-5934, e-mail: .drexel.edu

Research Interest

Shell Model techniques in Nuclear and Atomic Physics; Chaotic Scattering; Quantum-Classical correspondence; High-Performance computing.

Research Outlooks

Fast computers and fast networks are fast changing the way in which we conduct science. This is specially apparent in Theoretical Nuclear Physics where we attempt to model very complicated quantum mechanical many body systems. In this context, Professor Akiva Novoselsky, Hebrew University, and I developed the Drexel University Shell-Model (DUSM) code which aims at modeling nuclear spectroscopy. We have recently developed a parallel version of this code, DUPSM , one of the most powerful Shell-Model code in existence. This approach aims at answering the new challenge facing Nuclear Physics to charter the yet mostly unknow proton or neutron rich nuclei.

Non Linear Dynamics is also a field that grew once experimental mathematics became a reality with the advances in computer technology. I am particularly interested in chaotic scattering. This is a new area of classical non linear dynamics where results are barely starting to appear; yet it is prevalent in most collision processes, whether the colliding bodies be nuclei, atoms, molecules or stars. It becomes even more fascinating to study these processes at the quantum mechanical level and thereby address the ever more elusive question of Quantum Chaos.

Selected Recent Publications

Recent Computational Courses

  • PHYS405
  • PHYS325
  • PHYS305
  • PHYS160
  • PHYS105