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Amateur Photography

Here I show off some of my favorite results of experimenting with a digital camera. Humans tend to be impatient and overly self-conscious with a camera around, so I drafted my dogs to help out in most of these photos. I also throw in a few cartoons I drew.

Experiment with a Nikon at night: The Conversation [2009]

The Connection [2009]

The Smoker [2009]

The Gathering [2009]

The Exchange [2009]

University city from my office, sunset, looking west [2005]

University city from my office, winter, looking west [2009]

Disque 919 at Sunset [2006]

Freedom [2003]

Buttons (I) [2003]

Buttons (II) [2005]

Tippy [2005]

Rural night [2003]

vaudeville [2005]

Annoyed [2005]

Grandpa's car, digital surrealism [2006]

Graduation [2003]

Philadelphia, black and white [2004]

A comic I drew with Tippy (right) and Sandy (left) as Marxist canines [2003]

A comic I drew with Tippy (right) and Buttons [2003]. The context is obvious

The Queen [2003]

Democratic Primary [2008]