WINTER 2014    CRN21684

Course Director: Dr. R. Steinberg

email: steinberg at drexel dot edu

                     office hrs: Disque 707 Wed & Fri  10:00-11:00 or send email for appointment

Course Calendar

General Course Information

Labs For scheduling and other information, please consult your TA or Dr. Aprelev.

Problem Conversion Guide from edition 5 to edition 6

Lecture Images:  Chosen to illustrate points covered in the lectures.

Getting Help with Physics: please consult your TA for an appointment, often in Disque 902. Another possibility would be to come to Prof. Steinberg's office hours (shown above).

The homework assignments are as follows:

HW#1: Ch.21 prob. 40 & 65 - due Friday, Jan. 17
HW#2: Ch.22 prob. 28 & 66 - due Wed.   Jan. 29 (postponement due to storm)
HW#3: Ch.23 prob. 22 & 46 - due Friday, Jan. 31

HW#4: Ch.24 prob. 18 & 78 - due Wed.   Feb. 12 (postponement)

HW#5: Ch.25 prob. 40 & 47 - due Wed.   Feb. 19 (postponement) Tuesday recitations: please hand in on Feb 18.

HW#6: Ch.26 prob. 20 & 34 - due Wed.   Feb. 26 

HW#7: Ch.27 prob. 21 & 49 - due Wed.   Mar. 5

HW#8: Ch.28 prob. 21 & 45 - due Friday, Mar. 7


Please neatly write up the solutions to each of these problems and hand in your work to your recitation instructor on or before the due date. The homework/recitation grade will count 15% of your final score. You also may hand in your homework at the beginning of the lectures. Please remember to include your name and section number.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: (Please review the following at least every week for new information)

03/21/2014:  Histogram of final exam scores. Histogram of final (all-component) scores is here. The grade distribution is here.


03/11/2014: The final exam will take place on Tuesday, March 18 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM in the Bossone Auditorium (same room as the midterm exam). All chapters from 21 through 29 will be covered with emphasis on Chapters 24-29 (skipping optional *'ed sections and section 26-4. Two 8.5" x 11" formula sheets (2 sides each) that you make up yourself are permitted. Bring a calculator, a pencil and an eraser. Expect 25 multiple-choice questions emphasizing the fundamental physical laws and concepts covered in the course.


03/03/2014: Important Announcement from Dr Aprelev re making up missed PHYS102 lab(s).


02/20/2014: The mean score on the midterm was 49.1- A histogram of the results is here. If you received less than a 25, you are in danger of failing the course; please see Dr. Steinberg during office hours (above) to discuss.


02/14/2014: 0656  NO CLASS TODAY due to late opening of University. Coverage of Chapter 25 on Monday's exam will be excluded. You will be instructed to skip (with full credit) the exam problems concerning Chapter 25. See you Monday at 8AM in Bossone auditorium for the exam!


02/06/2014: The (rescheduled) midterm exam on Feb. 17 in Bossone Auditorium (8:00 to 8:50 AM) will cover Chapters 21-25. In the text, please see the Table of Contents for a list of optional sections to be skipped in this course. Note that the only skipped section for this exam will be section 22-6 .

02/03/2014: The midterm exam has been postponed due to the adverse weather. It is rescheduled for 8:00 AM, February 17 in Bossone Auditorium. Please check this page for further information.

For Lab scheduling and related information, please consult your TA or Dr. Aprelev..

Friday's homework (Chap. 24) has been postponed (see above) until the following Wednesday (Feb. 12).


01/28/2014: The midterm exam will take place on Monday, Feb. 3 at 8:00 AM in Bossone Auditorium. Chapters 21-23 will be covered (sections without *'s only). An 8.5" x 11" formula sheet (2 sides) that you make up yourself is permitted. Bring a calculator, a pencil and an eraser. Expect a combination of multiple-choice questions and longer problems to be completed in 50 minutes. All questions and problems will be based upon material covered in the lectures, recitations and homework.


01/14/2014: Please note (above) advice about getting help with physics and a problem conversion guide for students using Tipler 5th edition.


01/12/2014: In preparation for this week's labs please see write-ups in this folder .


01/06/2014: Welcome to the class!  All work handed in (including exams) must have your name and section number clearly printed. You will hear and see better by taking seats near the front of the room.

Labs will start the week of January 13 (even sections) or January 20 (odd sections) with the experiment on Coulomb's Law.


Use of laptops, cell phones and text messaging is NOT PERMITTED either in lecture or in exams.

Violators will be required immediately to leave the room. Laptop/cell phone use during lectures is distracting to others and is often abused (texting, checking email, etc.) To take notes, use pencil and paper. All information storage and communication devices are forbidden during exams. Use of calculators no more advanced than the TI85 is permitted and recommended.


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