This page describes how to install and use the the mpiio support which comes with PARAMESH. 


To install these files type ./INSTALL from the directory paramesh4.0/utilities/io/checkpoint/mpiio.  The necessary files will be copied to paramesh/mpi_source, paramesh/source, or paramesh/Tests, as necessary.  The Makefile.gnu's in these directories may also be modified.  You should then recompile the package as you normally would.

The install script calles the script so you will also need python on your system.

The install script tests your system using 'uname' to determine what kind of system you have.  It then write a file 'underscore.h' which defines a C preprocessor flag which will insert (or not) underscores to the C functions called by the Fortran code.  The only systems we have tested Paramesh on which don't require underscores are IBM and the Mac OSX running Absoft's Fortran compiler.  If your system has different requirements, then you will need to edit the C code yourself and add underscores in the proper way.


Once you have installed the mpiio support software as dsecribed above it is very easy to use this support.

Anywhere you wish to write a checkpoint using mpiio add the additional chararacter string 'mpiio' as an additional argument to the call to
amr_checkpoint_wr.  For example:

       use paramesh_interfaces

       call amr_checkpoint_wr (file_num = 1, check_format = 'mpiio')

and to read in the file:

      call amr_checkpoint_re (file_num = 1, check_format = 'mpiio')

Remember to include the 'use paramesh_interfaces' in any routines from which you wish to call 'amr_checkpoint_wr' or 'amr_checkpoint_re'.