AMRMHDFCT3D is a 3D MHD code which uses a Flux Corrected Transport(FCT) algorithm. It was developed by Rick DeVore (Naval Research Laboratory). Results shown here are courtesy of S. Antiochos.

Shown here are results of a simulation using the NRL AMRMHDFCT3D code. The simulation is of an active region of the sun (which starts with closed field lines), testing if that region can move into a coronal hole region with open field lines . In order for this to occur the field lines in the `front' must reconnect and move to the `back' of the active region. For this to be simulated successfully, regions with reconnection must be followed with very high resolution. For this calculation refinement is triggered by high values in the current density of magnetic field ratio. The finest blocks are shown in white. The base mesh was 64x64x128 cells and refinement was allowed to 5 levels below that. This simulation, and many in solar physics, are uniquely suited to AMR because of the need to follow reconnection events, which usually occur on small scales relative to the overall volume of the computation.

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