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FINAL EXAM is on Dec. 9 (Thursday), 8-10 am, Main Hall. Coverage: from Special Relativity (Chap 37) up through Quantum Mechanics (Chap 40). There are no make-up exams.

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Lab Makeup Dates: Nov 29, 30, Dec.1 You must contact Prof. Trout ASAP and provide the following info: Name/Course:PHYS 201/Lab Missed (1,2,3,4 ?)/ Times Available on these dates. If you have emailed him before Nov. 18, you MUST email him again. Completion of ALL labs is required to pass PHYS 201.

Your Physics 101/102 intuition will not work with modern physics.I have used ***very highly recommended*** youtube videos to aid visualization and past students have said they have helped tremendously. Helpful Videos to Watch:

Feynmann discusses wave-particle duality.
Model of the Atom
The Atom and Blackbody Radiation
Link to other helpful youtube videos in the course!

Left: If light behaved like particles when it encounters two slits, only two bright bands will appear behind the barrier after a long time. But this is not what we see. Center: We see an interference pattern consisting of bright and dark bands, which is evidence of light's wavelike properties. Right: Similarly, if particles (e.g. electrons) behaved like waves, then a two-slit interference pattern for electrons will accumulate and be observed over time. This is what we see, and is evidence that electrons can behave like waves.

I have noticed that some of you do not answer your Mastering Physics Homework until the very last day. I strongly advice you not to do this as we enter into topics that you have no stock knowledge of. Once your homework is out, I advice you to begin solving these or at least reading through and begin thinking about them.

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