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September 4


17:00-19:00 Capri Conference Center

Via Sella Orta 3, Capri

Registration and Welcome Reception



September 5

Clusters Formation and Early Evolution

8:00-9:00   Registration
9:00-9:05    Welcome
9:05-9:40 C.Clarke Star formation in ultra-dense clusters and the creation of massive stars
9:40-10.15 R.Klessen Formation of stellar clusters
10:15-10:45   Coffee break
10:45-11:05 C.Roman-Zuniga A Near-infrared Survey of the Rosette Complex: Clues of Early Cluster Evolution
11:05-11:25 S.McMillan A Dynamical Origin for Early Mass Segregation in Young Star Clusters
11:25-11:45 L.Smith The Formation and Dynamics of the SMC Cluster NGC 346
11:45-12:20 P.Kroupa The formation and disruption of star clusters and implications thereof for galactic astrophysics
12:20-14:30   Lunch break
14:30-14:50 S.Schmeja Changing structures in Galactic star clusters
14:50-15:10 N.Bastian Infant Mortality: causes, timescales and implications
15:10-15:30 H.Baumgardt The influence of gas expulsion on the evolution of star clusters and cluster systems
15:30:15:50 M.Gieles How does the environment of star clusters determine their evolution?
15:50-16:15   Posters presentations (Belkus, Geisler, Gouliermis, Kim, Lamb, Mengel, Oey, Anders, Arena, Chumak, Roser, Schilbach, Braden)
16:15-16:45   Coffee break

Globular Cluster Systems

16:45-17:20 E.Grebel The star clusters systems of Local Group galaxies
17:20-17:55 P.Cote Science highlights from the ACS Virgo and Fornax cluster surveys
17:55:18:15 M.Rejkuba Masses and M/L ratios of bright globular clusters in NGC 5128
18:15-18:30   Posters presentations (Fellhauer, Fukushige, Hilker, Apple, Davis, Kisseleva, Kouwenhoven, Malmberg)

September 6

Globular Cluster Systems


9:00-9:35 S.Zepf Observational constraints on the formation and evolution of globular cluster systems
9:35-10:10 M.Fall A unified picture of the lifecycles of star clusters
10:10-10:30 G.Parmentier The origin of the universal globular cluster mass function
10:30-11:00   Coffee break
11:00-11:20 O.Gnedin Dynamical evolution of globular clusters in hierarchical cosmology
11:20-11:40 A.Kundu Clues to globular cluster evolution from multiwavelength observations of extragalactic systems
11:40-12:15 W.Harris Giant elliptical galaxies: globular clusters and UCDs
12:15-14:15   Lunch break

Open Clusters

14:15:14:50 R.Mathieu Binary star populations of open clusters. Benchmarks at the interface of stellar dynamics and stellar evolution theory
14:50-15:25 J.Hurley N-body models of open clusters
15:25-15:45 M.Giersz Monte Carlo simulations of star clusters with primordial binaries. Comparison with N-body simulations and observations.
15:45-16:15   Posters presentations (Mieske, Perets, Pfalzner, Sweatman, Urminsky, Devecchi, Dieball, Gvaramadze, Lockmann, Pietrukowicz, Servillat, Zinnecker, Yaron)
16:15-16:45   Coffee break
16:45-17:15   Poster Viewing
18:30   CONFERENCE BANQUET-Hotel S.Michele (Anacapri)

September 7
Globular Clusters

9:00-9:35 I.King The simple principles that underlie the dynamics of globular clusters
9:35-10:10 D.McLaughlin Internal structures of globular clusters and the fundamental plane
10:10-10:30 G.De Marchi Why haven't loose globular clusters collapsed yet?
10:30-11:00   Coffee break
11:00-11:35 D.Heggie Modelling individual globular clusters
11:35-11:55 R.Spurzem Post-newtonian dynamics in dense stellar systems
11:55-12:15 E.Vesperini Dynamical evolution of mass-segregated clusters
12:15-14:15   Lunch break
14:15-14:50 G.Piotto Observational evidence of multiple stellar populations in globular clusters
14:50-15:10 F.D'Antona Multiple stellar populations in globular clusters: collection of information from the horizontal branch
15:10-15:30 J.Fiestas Dynamical evolution of rotating globular clusters with embedded black holes
15:30-15:50 S.Chatterjee Effects of stellar collisions on star cluster evolution and core collapse
15:50-16:20   Coffee break
16:20-16:40 A.Mackey The effect of stellar-mass black holes on the structural evolution of globular clusters

Few-body systems, binary dynamics and its interplay with  star clusters dynamical evolution

16:40-17:15 M.Valtonen The  problem of three stars
17:15-17:50 R.Mardling Resonance, chaos and stability in the general three-body problem
17:50-18:25 S.Mikkola A brief history of regularisation
18:25:18:45 P.Eggleton Problems in the evolution of binary stars

September 8

Few-body systems, binary dynamics and its interplay with  star clusters dynamical evolution


9:00-9:35 J.Fregeau Binary stars and globular clusters dynamics
9:35-9:55 M.Trenti Dynamical evolution of star clusters with primordial binaries and intermediate mass black holes
9:55-10:15 S.Banerjee Evolution of compact binaries in globular clusters
10:15-10:35 A.Tanikawa Effects of Hardness of Primordial Binaries on Evolution of Star Clusters
10:35-11:00   Coffee break

Exotic stellar populations

11:00-11:35 S.Ransom Millisecond pulsars in globular clusters
11:35-11:55 M. van den Berg A simultaneous HST/Chandra survey of the compact binaries in the globular cluster 47 Tuc: optical results
11:55-12:15 N.Ivanova Neutron stars in globular clusters
12:15-12:35 C.Boily Black hole motion as catalyst of orbital resonances
12:35-14:15   Lunch break
14:15-14:50 F.Verbunt X-ray sources in globular clusters
14:50-15:25 F.Ferraro Blue straggler stars in Galactic Globular clusters: tracing the effect of dynamics on stellar evolution
15:25-15:45 N.Leigh Where the blue stragglers roam: the link between formation and environment
15:45-16:05 B.Lanzoni Observations and simulations of the blue straggler star radial distribution: clues on the formation mechanism
16:05-16:25 C.Knigge Ultraviolet spectroscopy of stellar exotica in 47 Tuc
16:25-16:55   Coffee break
16:55-17:30 K.Gebhardt Observational evidence for black holes in globular clusters
17:30-17:50 T.Maccarone An X-ray emitting globular cluster black hole
17:50-18:10 E.Noyola Central dynamics of globular clusters: the case for a black hole in omega Cen
18:10-18:30 S.Umbreit The imprints of IMBHs on the structure of globular clusters: Monte-Carlo simulations

September 9

Computational Aspects

9:00-9:30 S.Aarseth Dancing with black holes
9:30-10:00 J.Makino Current status of GRAPE project
10:00-10:40   Short communications (Funato, Fujii, Nitadori, Mamikonyan)
10:40-11:10   Coffee break
11:10-11:40 P.Hut Virtual laboratories and virtual worlds
11:40-12:00   Conference Summary
Afternoon 14:30   Excursion Tour of the island and of the  Grotta Azzurra


Please notice that only computer presentations will be allowed . Speakers will have to copy their presentations on the Conference Center computer the day before their talks  are scheduled