Radar Research Scientist
Software Developer
Published Astrophysicist

Austen Max Groener

Synthetic Aperture Radar Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Corporation

Published Astrophysicist, with research interests relating to the formation and internal distribution of dark matter within galaxy clusters within the LCDM cosmological framework.

Open source software developer, and coding enthusiast.


The Galaxy Cluster Concentration-Mass Scaling Relation
A. M. Groener, D. M. Goldberg, Mauro Sereno
MNRAS (January 01, 2016) Volume 455, Issue 1: 892-919

Shape Profiles and Orientation Bias for Weak and Strog Lensing Cluster Halos
A. M. Groener & D. M. Goldberg
The Astrophysical Journal, 2014, 795, 153