Goran Karapetrov

Postdoctoral position available

Postdoctoral Position - Scanning Probe Microscopy 

Postdoctoral position is available to study molecular interactions on surfaces using UHV variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and electrochemical STM. The focus of the project is to gain understanding into the inter-relation between structural, electronic and chemical properties of few atom structures on nano-engineered surfaces, including catalysts. The project involves controlled preparation and characterization of thin film surfaces, scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy at variable temperatures and electrochemical STM. The work will be primary done using dedicated UHV variable temperature STM and electrochemical STM. This project is part of an interdisciplinary effort related to study of energy generation on surfaces. In this project we closely collaborate with a team of scientists at Argonne National Labroratory (N. Markovic’s group) that have complementary background in surface physics, electrochemistry and analytical chemistry/synthesis. The position will require working in a collaborative environment using complementary fabrication and characterization techniques. Finally, the position is available for one year, that could be extended to a second and third years, if adequate progress is achieved.

Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, materials science or related area. Must have received Ph.D. or expect to receive Ph.D. within next six months. Interested candidates should send a detailed CV, along with a list of publications, and the names and addresses of three references