Physics 131: Survey of the Universe

Lecturer (Fall 2004): Prof. Dave Goldberg

    Lectures:      T,Th 12:30-1:50, Matheson 307
    Office:        Disque 810
    Office Hours:  T,Th 2-3 or by appointment in advance
    Phone:         (215) 895-2715
    Fax:           (215) 895-5934


Teaching Assistant: John Parejko

    Office:        Disque 813
    Office Hours:  W 12-1, or by appointment in advance
    Phone:         (215) 895-1544

All written material will be distributed via Adobe PDF format. If your computer does not have an Adobe acrobat reader, please download it. It's free.

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Links of Interest

A java applet illustrating the concept of parallax

See how the sun evolves through the HR Diagram

Some (fairly confusing) java animations showing transformations in special relativity. Note: uniform motion and at rest are best, but still confusing.

See how motion contracts the lengths of rods in Special Relativity

In SR, light beams take more or less time to reflect depending on whether you are moving or not

See what it would be like to travel at near light speed

The Equivalence Principle shows that light in a gravitational field behaves the same as in a rocket.