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Quick Bio:

I am a theoretical cosmologist, specializing in gravitational lensing. I also do a fair amount of popular and educational writing, and am currently working on my 3rd book,"The Standard Model in a Nutshell," to be published by Princeton University Press in 2016. I arrived at Drexel in the Fall of 2001. I am currently Associate Dean for research and graduate studies in science for the college, and Director of Undergraduate Studies, so if you are a student with a question about a course, a faculty member from another department with a question about our offerings, or a prospective student, I'm a good person to ask.

I am also very involved in research. Most of my work centers around cosmology in some way or another. I am interested in gravitational lensing, and, in particular, in extracting additional information out of weak lensing signals of galaxy clusters. I've also gotten interested in strongly lensed systems as well. See my publication list below for some recent projects.

I've also done a lot of popularization. My first book (at least, my first official book for which I wasn't a ghostwriter) came out in March of 2010: "A User's Guide to the Universe." My latest, "The Universe in the Rearview Mirror," was published by Dutton in July. I also write an Ask a Physicist column for io9.

Previously, I was a "Gibbs Lecturer" at Yale University with Priya Natarajan. Prior to that, I did my graduate work at Princeton University under David Spergel. I did my undergraduate work at Boston University, majoring in Astronomy and Physics, with minors in Math and Religion. My senior thesis work was with Tereasa Brainerd.


Physics 101 Fundamentals of Physics ISpring, 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009
Physics 111 Physics ISpring, 2004, Spring 2005
Physics 113 Contemporary Physics IFall 2002, Fall 2003, Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014
Physics 131 Survey of the UniverseFall 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Fall 2004, Spring 2005
Physics 231 Introductory Astrophysics Winter 2003, Winter 2005, Winter 2007, Winter 2009, Winter 2011, Winter 2013
Physics 311 Classical Mechanics I Winter 2015
Physics 431/731 Galactic Dynamics Winter 2002, Fall 2003
Physics 432/532 Cosmology Winter 2006, Winter 2008, Winter 2010, Winter 2012, Winter 2014
UNIV 201Grad School PrepFall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013
Physics 511 E&M I Winter 2007, Winter 2008, Winter 2009, Winter 2010, Winter 2011
Physics 631 General Relativity Spring 2011, Spring 2013, Spring 2015
Physics 750 Quantum Field Theory Spring 2010, Spring 2012
Physics 750 The Standard Model Spring 2014
tDEC 113Physical Foundations of Engineering IIWinter 2004
tDEC 201Energy ISpring 2006
Honors 200-18Playing Dice with the Universe Fall 2005


Books and Popular Articles
Technical Articles
  • Shape Profiles and Orientation Bias for Weak and Strong Lensing Cluster Halos, A Groener & DM Goldberg. Submitted to MNRAS. arXiv:1405.2035
  • Mass Reconstruction using Particle Based Lensing II: Quantifying substructure with Strong+Weak lensing and X-rays, S Deb, A Morandi, K Pedersen, S Riemer-Sorensen, DM Goldberg, & H Dahle. Submitted to Astrophys. J. arxiv/1201.3636.
  • New Constraints on the Complex Mass Substructure in Abell 1689 from Gravitational Flexion, A Leonard, LJ King, & DM Goldberg, 2011. MNRAS 413, 789, arxiv/1009.1018.
  • Analyzing the Flux Anomalies of the Large-Separation Lensed Quasar SDSS J1029+2623, RM Kratzer, GT Richards, DM Goldberg, M Oguri, CS Kochanek, JA Hodge, RH Becker, & N Inada, 2011. Astrophys. J. Lett, 728, L18., arxiv/1008.2315.
  • Measuring Dark Matter ellipticity of Abell 901/902 using Particle-Based Lensing, S Deb, DM Goldberg, C Heymans, & A Morandi, 2010. Astrophys. J. 721, 124, arxiv/0912.4260.
  • Fold Lens Flux Anomalies: A Geometric Approach, DM Goldberg, MK Chessey, WB Harris, & GT Richards, 2010,, Astrophys. J. 715, 793, arxiv/0912.0916.
  • Beowulf Analysis Symbolic INterface (BASIN): Interactive Parallel Data Analysis for Everyone, E Vesperini, DM Goldberg, S McMillan, J Dura, & D Jones, 2008, in Computing in Science and Engineering, vol. 11, no. 2., pp 45-51. Preprint at arxiv/0804.4639.
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  • Using Perturbative Least Action to Reconstruct Redshift Space Distortions, DM Goldberg, 2001, Astrophys. J., 552, 413, astro-ph/0008266
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