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Academic and Research Experience.

Technical Experience.


Technical Experience:

  • August 1995 -- 2008.
    Carried out all duties of system administration for the Center for Polymer Studies, Boston University, Physics Department. In charge of Unix Workstations. Platforms include PC (Linux), Silicon Graphics (IRIX), DECstations (Ultrix), Alpha Workstations (OSF1), and IBM RS/6000 (AIX). Also included are PC running Windows 3.1/95/98.

    C, C++, Perl, Fortran 77, Unix Shell programming experience, as well as Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallel programming library experience.

    GUI programming using wxWindows C++ class library, FLTK, and Tcl/Tk. Graphics programming using OpenGL, surface and volume rendering programming using the C++ VTK Visualization Toolkit and SGI Explorer.

    Web scripting and programming in HTML, Tcl, and Javascript.

  • June 1994 -- July 1995.
    Assistant to the System Administrator for the Center for Polymer Studies, Boston University, Physics Department.
  • Janurary 1998 -- 2008.
    Experience with a Biorad 1024 confocal microscope with an X--Y stage encoder. Using this microscope, three--dimensional image reconstructions has been done by rendering succesive optical slices about apart from a thick sample. Massachusetts General Hospital, Neurology Service.
  • Fall 1985 -- Summer 1986.
    Laboratory Technician in charge of a JEOL 35CF Scanning Electron Microscope. University of Puerto Rico, Physics Department.

Attended Technical Workshops:

  • April 17-19, 2002.
    Attended the NCSA NAMD Workshop 2002 on Biomedical Applications of Molecular Dynamics on the TeraGrid. This workshop was organized by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and the Theoretical Biophysics Group, NIH Resource for Macro Molecular Modeling and Bioinformatics, Beckman Institute. The goal of this workshop was to familiarize biomedical researchers with computational methods and provide practical training in applying supercomputing resources to molecular dynamics simulations.

  • October 19-20, 2000.
    Attended the High Performance Computing Workshop, Boston University. This workshop was organized by the Scientific Computing and Visualization group and the Center for Computational Science at Boston University, in conjunction with partners from the NCSA (National Computational Science Alliance). Topics included parallel processing with MPI, parallel processing with OpenMP, performance tuning, and debugging.
  • May 19, 2000.
    Attended the focus group meeting at the Boston University Access Grid Conference Facility. This group meeting was organized by the Scientific Computing and Visualization Office of Information Technology at Boston University, in conjunction with its NCSA Alliance. The topic of the meeting was the discussion of the development of a self--paced web--based MPI tutorial covering MPI materials that range from the basic to the advanced. The Access Grid, an IP--based telepresence technology, allows articipants at the BU meeting to interact in real--time with other focus group members across the country.