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Academic and Research Experience.

Technical Experience.


Academic and Research Experience:

  • 2008-present. Associate Professor. Drexel University.

  • 2004-2008. Research Associate in the "Spatial Analysis of Cerebral Cortex in Aging Monkeys" project at the Center for Polymer Studies in collaboration with the Boston University School of Medicine. Role: co-investigator and author of scientific communications.

  • 2004-2008. Research Associate in the "Molecular Modeling of Amyloid beta Oligomer Formation" project at the Center for Polymer Studies in collaboration with the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. Role: co-investigator and author/co-author of scientific communications.

  • 2004-2006. Research Associate in the "Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology" project at the Center for Polymer Studies and the Cognitive and Neural Systems Dept. Role: collaborator in the development of middle and high school educational computer modules.

  • June 1996 -- 2004.
    Postdoctoral Research Associate:
    • Neuropathological Alterations in Alzheimer's Disease -- Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University, Physics Department. (../AD/AD_index.html)
    • Molecular Dynamics of complex fluids -- Boston University, Physics Department. (../index.html)

  • Summer 1994 -- May 1996.
    Postdoctoral Research Associate and coordinator of the software component of the WAMNET (WAter and Molecular NETworks) project, Boston University, Physics Department.

    The WAMNET project deals with the development of curriculum materials for high school courses in chemistry and physics using interactive computer simulations.

    Topics in the WAMNET project include:

    • ideal gas law
    • simple liquids
    • hidrogen bonds in water
    • granular materials

    The WAMNET simulations are event--driven by an intuitive graphical user interface and make use of a Molecular Dynamics engine.

  • Spring 1992 -- Spring 1994.
    Instructor for the XL Seminar Program for freshmen at MIT.

    The XL Seminar Program consists of small group teaching on general physics and calculus.

  • Fall 1992 -- Spring 1994.
    Tutor for the Tutorial Services Program sponsored by the Office of Minority Education at MIT.

    The tutorials are open to all undergraduate students and covered undergraduate physics and mathematics courses offered at MIT.

  • Fall 1991 -- Spring 1994.
    Research Assistant, MIT Physics Department.
  • Fall 1986 -- Summer 1989.
    Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Puerto Rico, Physics Department.