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I am an Associate Professor at the Physics Department of Drexel University. Previously, I was a Research Associate Professor at the Physics Department and the Center for Polymer Studies (CPS) of Boston University (BU). The Center for Polymer Studies is a scientific visualization research center and Science and Mathematics Education Center in the Physics Department at BU.

I did my bachellor and master's degree in physics at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, in the Faculty for Sciences. Concurrently with my physics master, I completed a bachellor in music with concentration in piano, at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (CMPR). Later, I enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I completed my Ph. D. in physics.

My involvement in the CPS consisted of research projects that had as common motif the study and simulation of complex systems. Because real-time visualization can show patterns of behavior that may be otherwise ignored in purely numerical analysis, then and now I always try to incorporate, as much as possible, (generic) graphical user interfaces (GUI) that permit visualization of the particular system under study. As a result, I have developed several scientific graphical interfaces applied to different scientific and visualization projects.

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