High Pressure ILG Porous Media Driving Simulation

Effect of object wettability.

ILG simulation on a 128x512 lattice, particle density of 0.7, obstacles with 25% coverage. The system has periodic boundary conditions and momentum is injected at a constant rate on the left boundary of the system. Red particles that leave the system re-enter the system on the left side as blue particles. The pressure drop accross the system is P=1.96, which corresponds to an input of 1.7 units of momentum per vertical site (rather high pressure).

The "annealed" obstacles come from a previous phase-separation simulation in which the low concentration phase (27%, annealed for t=500 steps) was saved in a file to serve as obstacles for the present simulation.

Each picture below represents a DIFFERENT simulation realization. The variable is the "wettability" of the obstacles. Otherwise, all of the other parameters are the same. Note how as the obstacles become red-philic, there is an increasing fingering pattern penetration in the blue. Also, as the obstacles become more red-philic, the blue is LESS effective in pushing surrounding red, thus obstacles are left covered with a red lining.

(Clickable pictures that bring up animated gifs of the simulation)
100% Blue
90% Blue 80% Blue 70% Blue 60% Blue 50-50 Blue/Red
(i.e. no preference)
60% Red 70% Red 80% Red 90% Red 100% Red