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I am an Associate Professor at the Physics Department of Drexel University. My research interests are the study of: (a) the loss of spatial organization of neurons in the aged brain using density maps, (b) the folding of the Alzheimer amyloid beta protein using all-atom molecular dynamics, (c) growth of plaques in Alzheimer's disease using cellular automata models, and (d) fluid flow through porous media using lattice models.

Because this page is in the process of being updated, some of the links and the information contained in them might not be accurate. However, please feel free to browse the contents of this web page. I welcome any feedback that you may have regarding the contents, organization, and design of this page.

Vitae [PDF] - short
Research Highlights

Programs that take advantage of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) as a means for research

  • VIS Program: Tcl/Tk front-end for the Vtk visualization toolkit.
  • PN Program: Tcl/Tk, C++, and OpenGL program for the study of the correlation between senile plaques and neurons in the Alzheimer brain.
  • CW Program: C++, wxWindows, and OpenGL program for the study of the morphological effects of senile plaques on surrounding neurons in the Alzheimer brain.
  • Distort Program: C++, FLTK, and OpenGL program for the study of warping brain tissue images for the anatomical study of the brain.
  • LATG Program: C++, FLTK, and OpenGL program for the study of the lattice gas cellular automata model for fluids in two dimensions.
  • CRUSH Program: Tcl/Tk and C++ program for the study of close-packed disks and the deformations in their arrangement from a growing space-occupying central disk. Intended for the study of the interactions between a growing senile plaque and neurons in its neighborhood.
  • CAS Program: Tcl/Tk, C++, and OpenGL program for the study of an interactive growing DLA.

Miscellaneous programs and reference pages

  • A Javascript reference page.
  • A little GUI frontend for the POV - povray program.
  • Ticlets in Physics.  Little Tcl/Tk "applets" for demonstrations of physics concepts. (To see the ticlets you need at least Tcl/Tk Plugin Version 3 and Netscape, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, or Firefox).
  • 3d Spheres Ticlet. Presents a little Tcl/Tk "applet" with a rotating sphere around a fixed central one. You can set variable elevation angle as well as rotational speed.

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