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The picture below shows the main window of the PN program with two pictures ready to be analyzed. The particular pictures shown are from anatomical data of the brain that shows neurons (left) and the AB peptide (right) that occur on the same spatial location.

In order to analyze the distribution of pixel values in a given picture, the colormap associated to the pixel values can be changed from grayscale (above) to the color scheme presented below, where dark pixels are mapped to red, and subsequently lighter pixels are mapped into the rainbow colormap. The rainbow colormap is useful in distinguishing between different regions in the pictures and can provide a clue on how to subdivide the pictures into its constituting elements.

A variable-size grid is provided in order to do picture-to-picture correspondence. Also the grid is used in intermediate steps in various calculations, as in the calculations of radial density decays.

A mouse-click zooming facility exists in order to examine the finer details of the picture under consideration.

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