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The dialog windows offer, in addition to parameter selection and value, graphing capabilities. In the dialog below, a graph provided by the BLT extension, can graph the pixel value across a picture once the height of the cross section is chosen. Various options and graphs are provided by using tabs that hide-show different options.

Numerous image filters are offered by a scroll-list linked to a tab-window. In the figure below, upon choosing the desired filter, the corresponding filter dialog is displayed in the lower portion of the dialog. The picture on the left shows on the lower half of the dialog window, the filters options for editing the picture according to pixel intensity. The picture on the right shows how the filter options changed to the thresholding dialog window.

Below is a picture of the macros dialog. Two scroll-lists are connected such that the list on the left lists a series of pre-programmed macros, and the list on the right shows the steps that the chosen macro execute. The macro steps correspond to functions that are already available in the menubar and toolbar, but save work by providing automatization of repetitive tasks. The hidden tab in the picture corresponds to the file dialog. The file dialog lists a series of files on which to apply the chosen macro.

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