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"Height" data can be input into the program using the surface dialog. The height data is colorcoded such that height is mapped into the regular rainbow scheme. The dialog permit to change the range of the data to be mapped to a rainbow scheme, the addition of contour maps at specified height values, the adjustment of the enclosing frame and the inclusion of pictures at the bottom of the cubic frame.

The rendering of the surface with colormap, contours, axes, and bounding box are achieved in the same spatial location. In the capture picture the contours and the bounding box have been deformed and placed such that the height map is above the contours and the bounding box encompasses the whole system.

Pictures can be added to the bottom of the bounding box as a single picture or as a composite of many. In the picture shown below, a series of pictures forming a montage are placed below a height map where the colors indicate the varying values of a particular property of the pictures. The contours of the height map are superposed to the pictures.

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