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The parameter window allows for the choice of several parameters that enter in the initial positioning of the small spheres and the dynamics of the MD simulation.

The first group of 4 parameters are for setting the number of small spheres (N), the size of the system (L), the initial random seed for the random number generator (Random Seed), and the number of times that the simulation would be repeated with the same set of parameters (Macro Loops).

The second set of 5 parameters are the MD simulation parameters: (i) the time step for the MD algorithm (Moving Step), (ii) the number of steps between the initial size and final size (# Steps of Growth), (iii) the step size growth of the central sphere (Growth Increment), (iv) the initial size of the growing sphere (Initial Size for growth), and (v) the final size of the central sphere after the moving steps are completed (Final size after growth).

The third set of 4 parameters control the sizes of the small spheres (Type 1 size), the size of the central sphere (Type 2 size), the interparticle distance relevant for the initial positioning (D interpart), and the interaction radius.

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