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The main window presents a menubar and a drawing canvas for the simulation. The menubar consists of the main functions, where the "File" menu presents capabilities to save the drawing canvas in PGM format. The menu items with the "CPP" extension implement the corresponding functions writen in compiled (faster) C++, as opposed to native Tcl.

The "Edit" menu presents options for erasing an already realized configuration and refreshing the OpenGl canvas.

The "Options" menu allows for calling the helper dialogs, the "Parameters" dialog and the "Console" dialog.

In the "Inits" menu the user is given the choice for the initial configuration of the system. The choices include periodic crystalline, random overlapping, and random non-overlapping placement of the small spheres in the drawing canvas.

The "Run" menu presents the user with the molecular dynamics functions that are selected after the initialization of the system. The simulation will grow a central circle that will either push all of the small spheres as it grows, or will simply elliminate spheres as soon as it touches them.

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