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The CRUSH program was designed to simulate the effects of a growing sphere embedded in a sea of randomly positions smaller spheres. The motivation for this program comes from studies of Alhzeimer's Disease and the effect of Senile Plaques in the neighborhood of neurons in the brain. The CRUSH program tries to study the effects of a growing mass-excluding senile plaque as opposed to a senile plaque that elliminates neurons as it grows but does not push them away.

By measuring the density of small spheres from the center of the simulation as a function of radial distance, the two scenarios: mass-excluding vs killing growing object, can be separated and differentiated.

The user interface of the CRUSH program is writen in Tcl/Tk using the Togl extension. The Tcl/Tk language is a scripting language that permits rapid prototyping of GUI programs while providing an uniform interface across different platforms. The Togl "extension" provides high level graphics API, using the OpenGL API, for the visualization part of the analysis. The computational engine of the CRUSH program is writen in C++.

Here is a screen capture of the program:

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