Move and dissolve animation summary, my own notes.

  1. start with plane and lamp
  2. put some sky:
    • go to world buttons
    • add new
    • choose color
  3. add mesh->cube
  4. set frame=1; move the cube to starting position; press "i" and choose "locrot". (this inserts a keyframe at t=1)
  5. set final frame=73; move cube to final position; press "i" and choose "locrot".
  6. go to render window; set start=1, end=73; select format "HamX"; hit "Anim" after choosing directory in the "Pics" line.
  7. hit "Play" to see the product
  8. preview by Alt-A or Shft-Alt-A for all windows
  9. give some color to the cube in "materials" window
  10. set frame=1; with cursor over the materials button, press "i" and choose "alpha"
  11. set frame=73; select "Ztrans" button and slide alpha->0; press "i" and choose "alpha"
  12. Animate
  13. output with high quality anim by choosing "OSA" (over sampling)