Rippled reflecting surface summary, my own notes.

  1. Add plane, two lamps, and sky.
  2. Add material to plane:
    • click Csp, Cmir, Refl
    • give color to Mir channel
  3. Add texture and click EnvMap; select layer but. corresponding to camera.
  4. Add "Empty" object to scene and put it as object argument for the material of the plane.
  5. Place "Empty" directly below the camera, on the other side of the plane as if reflection of the camera.
  6. F12 and check. To generate new EnvMap, click "free data" on texture of plane and F12 again. (if not good, go back to material of plane and click on settings to check)
  7. Add objects on other layers at will.
  8. Increase "CubeRes" in the plane texture for better reflection.
  9. Select the vertices of the plane, go to edit menu, Subdiv=2, select "s-mesh", and subdivide at will.
  10. Get out of edit mode, still with plane selected, and go to Anim window.
  11. For "wave" effect:
    • select -> "Tab", for red vertices
    • Animation -> new effect -> wave
    • set t=last frame; map old and map new to something in between (or last frame)
    • Alt-A; Esc; Tab should show wave effect OR
    • Press "Anim"; Esc; Tab shows waves (can F12 to check render); and Tab again takes to vertices "undoing".