3D Graphics and Animations

Here are some images and animations that I have created as an excercise from following some of the many tutorials that exist about using the blender graphics package. Credit goes to the makers of blender and many thanks to the numerous people preparing tutorials so that beginners like me can enjoying making 3D graphics.

There is probably a better way to do this, but when creating animations that I want to show as animated gifs on the web, I first create all of the frames from blender by choosing the JPEG output format. Then I convert all of the files by using the ImageMagick's "convert" program (a "for" loop from your favorite shell will do). Then I use GIFMerge to prepare an animated gif from all the individual gif's generated from the previous step. Since the version of GIFMerge (1.34) that I am using does not optimize the animation by painting in subsequent frames only pixels that changed, then I use The Gimp that has a nice interface for animated gifs. There are two steps: first read in the animated gif into The Gimp where all of the frames will appear as layers to the image; then go to:

Filters->Animation->Animation Optimize.

Then, lastly, re-save the picture. Results vary, but the first test for 73 frames (320x256) gave me a file smaller by a factor bigger than 5 as compared to the original file.