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The PI

Roberto C. Ramos is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Drexel University where he heads an experimental Low Temperature Quantum Device group. He moved to Drexel from the University of Maryland where he was senior experimental postdoc of the UMD superconducting quantum computing group that first proposed the concept of the Josephson phase qubit, first coupled two phase qubits and first measured spectroscopic evidence of entanglement of two coupled phase qubits. While at the University of Washington, his graduate work led to mapping the liquid-vapor coexistence curve in monolayer helium mixtures. Recent work include entanglement in multiple coupled phase qubits, quantum-classical crossover in Josephson junctions, Berry's phase in qubits, resonant activation and sub-structure in differential conductance peaks in MgB2 junctions, graphene junctions and laser-induced defects in graphene.

Research and Teaching Portfolio.


  • BS in Physics cum laude 1988 University of the Philippines
  • MS in Physics 1993 University of Washington
  • Ph.D. in Physics 1999 University of Washington
  • Postdoc in Superconducting Quantum Computing 1999-2004 University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Grants and Awards

Synergistic Activities

  1. Technical Editor, 2008 Applied Superconductivity Conference Proceedings in IEEE Transactions, Electronics Division.
  2. Director, NSF-Drexel S-STEM Scholarship Program in Physics and Chemistry
  3. Co-chair and organizer, Spectroscopy Session, 2008 Int'l Symposium of the Philippine-American Academy of Scientists and Engineers, Georgetown University, Washington DC.
  4. Faculty Advisor, Society of Physics Students (SPS) Drexel Chapter. He revived the SPS and under his mentorship, SPS won the Marsh White Award from the American Institute of Physics/SPS for three successive years performing outreach to Philadelphia high schools and middle schools.
  5. Developed and published Physics Lab Manual for Fundamentals of Physics Series, Drexel University (with S. Tyagi)
  6. Chair, 2004 Applied Superconductivity Conference Session on Quantum Computing, October 2004
  7. Chair, 2003 American Physical Society March Meeting Session on Josephson Junction Applications, March 2003.
  8. Research Mentor to Drexel's first Barry Goldwater Scholar, Drexel's first Cambridge-Gates Scholar, Drexel's First SPS Leadership Scholar and to four undergraduate research students who have been accepted to physics doctoral programs at Harvard U, Purdue U, Johns Hopkins U, and Columbia U.