Recent Data:    MgB2 Data Single JJ Qubit Data 1,   Data 2; Two Coupled JJ Qubits; High Temperature Spectroscopy
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Recent Manuscripts:    Multiple-Resonator BusResonant Activation

Our Group

The Low Temperature and Quantum Device Group seeks to probe the fundamental quantum nature of our physical world and to explore their applications in current and future technologies.

We use techniques of ultra-low temperature physics, microwave engineering, and micro- and nano-fabrication to explore the quantum properties of superconducting Josephson junctions, nanoscale devices and other quantum systems.

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Featured Research

Macroscopic quantum mechanics is important in the rapidly evolving field of quantum Information. Our group studies how this becomes manifest in Josephson junction qubits, graphene-based Josephson junctions and how entanglement occurs in multiply-coupled Qubits. We have also experimentally studied microwave resonant activation and systematically studied the classical-to-quantum crossover in superconducting Nb junctions and magnesium diboride junctions. We have made the first sub-Kelvin measurements of transport properties and resonant activation of MgB2 junctions.We have also theoretically simulated Berry's Phase and lasing in phase qubits.

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Latest News

Congratulations to Steven Carabello for being awarded a research grant-in-aid from the National Sigma Xi Research Society for his work on resolving the energy gap in MgB2. Only 20% of proposals receive any funding. Steven recently passed his oral qualifyers.

Dr. Ramos's group gave four contributed talks and three poster presentations at the 2010 APS March Meeting in Portland, OR. Gali received a Best Undergraduate Poster Award at the SPS Banquet.

Dr. Ramos presented a research seminar on Nov. 12, 2009 at Northrup-Grumman Research Corporation.

Dr. Ramos gave physics colloquia at Cal Stat U (Fresno) and American University (DC) on Nov 19 and Dec 1, 2009.

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